Spinal Cord Injury Testimonial

I suffered an injury to my spinal cord from a sporting event. I was in ICU for 4 days and then sent home in a hard collar. One of my first treatments was administered by Poppi.

He created a very comfortable and safe environment, while conducting himself in a positive professional manor. His compassionate advice set me at ease immediately. He listened to my concerns and needs while responding with analytical and knowledgeable solutions. His methodical skill allowed me to confidently heal from my traumatic event. I believe Poppi played an essential role in my healing and recovery. With healing time seeming to accelerate after each visit. Thanks to Poppi I was able to build and maintain confidence in my body once again. I encourage people with any scale of pain or trauma to utilize his knowledge and mastery of acupuncture and injection therapies.

Thank you Poppi for you thoughtful kindness.